In Comes Hello Updo...

The lack of hair ties offered for my hair texture sparked the idea of creating a wide silk scrunchie for myself. That silk scrunchie soon enough became Hello Updo's hero size, known today as the Biggish.

I was in the Dominican Republic when the idea came to me. It was scorching outside, so naturally, I wanted to get my coily hair up and out of my face. I ended up snapping through a few hair ties, and I then questioned why a global industry didn't already offer hair ties for textured and fuller hair types. A few weeks later, I was sewing the first Biggish in my Abuela's kitchen, not knowing that single scrunchie would kick off my journey as an entrepreneur. The Biggish has since been shipped to countless people and stores across the country, selling out three times.

I was very self-conscious about my natural hair growing up. I would visit the salon religiously and get rollers that quickly turned into relaxers, which we know do more harm than good. The last relaxer I did was for my Quinceñera. I vowed I would never put another chemical in my hair again.

I started embracing my natural hair in high school. My hair at the time didn't curl; instead, it was more like damaged waves. Looking back at my pictures, I don't know how I left the house like that, but I'm grateful I did. It took over five years, a lot of patience, and trial and error for my hair to completely transition back to its natural state. Today, my hair means the world to me. It's not just hair; it's part of my identity, history, and pride. I wear it with honor.

- Magdaline | CEO & Founder