UPS Lifts Ban On Natural Hairstyles

UPS Lifts Ban On Natural Hairstyles

Corporate companies continue to move towards inclusion - progress we love to see. Many of us have waited to be seen, heard, and acknowledged for our unique and defining crowns. Let us continue to hold our workplaces and employers accountable to shift the paradigm and the policies put in place to suppress us.

“UPS will allow workers to have facial hair and natural Black hairstyles like Afros and braids as it becomes the latest company to shed policies widely criticized as discriminatory amid nationwide demands for racial justice.” @NYTimes

#UPS, which has more than 525,000 employees worldwide, has a long list of personal appearance guidelines dating back to its founder James Casey, who was known for his neatly pressed suits, expecting all employees to meet his appearance standards.

The policy shift came shortly after UPS hired Carol Tomé, their first female chief executive in the company's 113-year history. Tomé listened to feedback from employees who shared the changes in the appearance policy would make them more likely to recommend UPS as an employer.
While under a ban, numerous petitions came to light to rescind the ban on beards and natural hair. One petition from read, “… It’s the 21st century and it’s time for a change in the dress code!”

The new rules have taken effect immediately. According to UPS documents reviewed by The Journal, the company’s new policy permits natural hairstyles “such as Afros, braids, curls, coils, locs, twists and knots.” It also clarifies that beards and mustaches “are definitely acceptable as long as they are worn in a businesslike manner and don’t create a safety concern.”
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